First Year is in the can!

The first year came to an end yesterday with the 3rd WOD - a short intense chipper. 1000m row, 50 boxjumps, 50 doubleunders. Emily Beers took first in the final event with a 7:47 finish, cementing her first place finish overall by winning every event in the Women's Rx'd division. Ben Wheeler won the final event with an impressive 5:20 finish time, but it was the consistent Lars Bredahl (6:06 3rd event time) that took the overall Men's Rx'd title. Merrit Lymburner and Jonathan Sinclair won 1st female and male in the Scaled 1 division, and Scaled 2 medals went to Lindsay Howden and the Editor for CrossFit Journal, Daniel Freedman.

Sponsors graciously and generously donated prizes for the winners. We had the pleasure of hosting a few in person - Primal Athletes and Agatsu. Toronto Weighlifting also showed and brought their fine weightlifting shoes to sell and donated 5% of the days profits to the JDRF. Speaking of which, we will announce the final donation to the JDRF soon - once the financial dust settles.

Dave Henry, owner of CrossFit London, won the Concept 2 raffle.
We also raffled off 2 $150 gift certificates for a tattoo at Seven Crowns tattoos in Toronto.

We will post individual event and final results later today or tomorrow. Also, if anyone wishes us to link a photo or video dump of the event, please email