Q: Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
A: Yes. On the day of registration, you will fill out a form with your name and address. This information is passed onto the JDRF and they will issue tax receipts.

Q: Do you have to be a member of an affiliate to compete?
A: No, the challenge is open to anyone.

Q: Is this "challenge" for elite CrossFitters only?
A: Yes and No. If you consider yourself elite and want to compete - AWESOME! If your not feeling "the elite" - AWESOME as well. We created the Challenge to solidify the CrossFit community in Ontario and have a fun day of competition for everyone; regardless of skill level. OKAY!!! Get registering!

Q: Why haven't you posted my profile yet?
A: Hey, slow down superstar - we have alot to do...soon.

Q: Who are you? How come your website does not display any name or info about the organizer? Would you give $100 to somebody because they mentioned 'crossfit'? My friends and I would like to participate but we are a little skeptical of your site.
A: We are the collective...just kidding, bad Trek joke. Anyway, the challenge was originally conceived by Jeff Morey (Conker Fitness) and Mark Gleason (CrossFit Niagara). We had planned to host it at Jeff's gym, but along came Paul McIntyre from the Moss Park Armouries and offered his facility. Word got around and suddenly we had to accept because it seemed to get to big for lil'ol Conker Fitness. Jeff, Mark and Paul are currently the organizing bodies. Jeff and Mark have contact info on their websites - follow the links in the list of Ontario Affiliates. In the meantime, you can reach the staff at Hells no I wouldn't just give anyone anything just because they mentioned 'crossfit', but I would if they mentioned charity! Please stop being skeptical of our site. We're just trying to gather a great bunch of people for one incredible day of competition. Hope to see you there. Thanks.

Q: Are there scaled workouts?
A: Yes, there is a male and female scaled heat for each event.

Q: If I'm going to coach my guys/girls do I need to pay as a spectator?
A: Yes please, this is a charity event and the more we raise, well, that's just better!

Q: Will there be team rest areas?
A: The armouries is a big place, we're sure you'll find some room.

Q: What charity are you donating to?
A: Juvenile Diabetes

Q: What does my $100 registration fee get me?
A: Well, besides the chance to compete in the CrossFit arena - all competitors receive an event t-shirt, a paleo pack and a ticket for the BBQ - to stave off hunger. Did we mention a competition??? Also, a portion of your registration is donated to Juvenile Diabetes. There are also some small administrative things rolled in there.

Q: How do I volunteer for this event?
A: Please email with "volunteer" in the subject with your name, phone number, email addy and shirt size in the body - and we thank you for you support!

Q: Are you posting athlete profile like on the games site?
A: Yes, we received a few already and are working towards posting them soon.

Q: Why is it called "Challenge" and not games?
A: Well, the "Games" are in Aromas, California and we do not wish to compare ourselves to that elite athletic competition.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: We need judges for the event. If you are a Level 1 CrossFit trainer, we'd could use you. Please see the question about volunteering for details. Thanks.

Q: What are the WODs and how many are there?
A: Hahahahaha, you really are a comedian! What are the WODs, LOL... you just kill me! Seriously, there are 3 WODs which we are announcing the day of the event.

Q: Can you give any hints as to what the WODs will be?
A: Okay, here is a possible list of movements that may or may not be used in some or all of the events: (vague enough for you)
Ground to Overhead (classically known as Clean & Jerk)
Kettlebell Swings
Bosu Circus Tricks
Sumo Deadlift Highpulls
Hang Snatches
Box Jumps
Wall Balls

Q: What is there to eat?
A: Well, if you are a competitor, you can eat your paleokit. We are also selling Paleokits on site. There is a BBQ at the end to celebrate your great achievements during the day. We are selling tickets for that too. We will have the typical BBQ fair, plus we are investigating Halal and Kosher selections.

Q: What's to drink?
A: What are you bringing? No really - we are providing water. Booze and beer are also available to buy from the armoury bar. Did we mention the whole event is licensed!!!

Q: Will there be Karoke?
A: WTF????